Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec 28th Updates from X-MAS, the New Year and Transfers!

I love you both so much!!! It was so great to be able to see you! It was a little strange to actually be able to see you but it was such a special treat! I can't believe we only Skype one more time and then I'll be home... PS because the MTC changed back to 3-week stay my arrival date was moved back a week so I'll be coming home Dec. 9 now. I don't know if you got that email but just wanted to make sure:) I'll be sure to let you know what happens this week at transfers! My guess is that I'll be moving since I've been here 7 months but like always I really have no idea! I hope you have such a happy New Year! I LOVE YOU!!!
Love, Sister Eaton

Dec 21st "Winter" in AZ

Cali is PREGGOSSS?!?!?!?! Wow I didn't see that one coming! It's crazy, Christmas is this week! Winter here is just an extension of fall! It's "cold" in the mornings and evenings but let me just tell you your blood thins quickly out here! It's not too bad if you have tights  and gloves:) So we were at dinner this week with a family- the Bartlett's. Rhonda knows Kerry Christianson and we talked about when she took ski lessons at Targhee back in the day. Do you know a Eddie Eames pops?THANK YOU FOR THE CTR RING!!!!! It's amazing and my favorite thing ever! It'll be the best to have some presents to open Christmas morning, thank you!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! I'll talk to you in a few days!
Love, your fav daughter😉,
Sister Eaton😘

Dec 14th: Korina's Baptism!!!

What a fun week it has been!!! SO much has happened, I don't know
where to start... Korina was baptized this week! A couple weeks ago we
got a text from someone in another ward saying he has a friend that
wants to meet with us and that she wants to be baptized! I was saying
it never happens getting texts for referrals that are ready for
baptism but it happens all the time!!! I have such a strong testimony
that the Lord brings those who are ready to you or you to them. She
has taken seminary this year and prayed to know all on her own to know
if this was Christ's true church. She found her answer and the first
question she asked us was "How am I baptized?" There were SO many
people there to support her from the ward, seminary, school... There
was only standing room in the back! I'm always so amazed of how
supportive the members are with helping in every aspect... Coming with
us to lessons, feeding us, helping us get gifts for our mission
president's wife! The list goes on! Sunday was the beginning of
Christmas conference! We went to the MPD (Mission President's
Devotional) and were able to go with our Korina. President stood up at
the end and shared with us something he learned. When we come into the
field he invites us to kneel down each night and ask Heavenly Father
if our offering is except able. On Sunday evening he shared with us
again to ask ourselves if we are excepting the Lord's offering-
Christ's atonement! The best way we could have began Christmas
conference! Monday morning the mission ran a 5K... This went way
bested than the one in March let me tell ya! I ran the whole thing and
for those of you that know me I'm sure are having to pick their jaws
up from off the floor! We then had some breakfast and were able to
play in a basketball tournament! Later that evening we hiked into
Christmas Camp and had testimony meeting around a fire. I'm so
grateful for the opportunity to be where the Mormon battalion was many
years ago in a similar place they were- away from our families serving
the Lord. The Stars seemed to be extra bright and God seemed to be a
little closer. To top it all off we were able to do a session at the
Mesa temple this morning and will be taking a mission picture at the
Gilbert temple. I'm so grateful for this wonderful time to serve! I
love you all so much and I'm grateful for your love and support at
this time of year! My first and only Christmas in the mission field
and it's already been one to remember! Love you all!

Love, Sister Eaton

Dec 7th: PMG-Learning to Plan vs. Schedule...& I ran 4 miles, NBD

This week I just wanted to share a couple highlights from my week!
Okay you might want to sit down for this one... I ran FOUR miles this
morning!!! I know I know you're wondering if I'm feeling alright, I'm
feeling great! Our mission's Christmas Conference is next Monday and
we're having a 5K. Seeing how I didn't train for the last one I ran in
March I decided it might be best to go ahead and try training for this
We were able to have the sisters that were filmed with us for a day
training us and it was amazing! I learned so much!!! The biggest thing
that I learned is the difference between scheduling (which I did my
first 6 months!) and planning. When you schedule you simply fill in
all your time. Make sure you're being "productive" and there's no
wasted/empty time. PLANNING: Start with your highest priority
investigator. How are you going to help them increase their faith and
have a spiritual experience? Forget stats! What's a good goal for
them? Do you want them to read the BOM, come to church, actually meet
with you... Whatever! Okay now make a lesson plan. What are you going
to teach? What scriptures are you go into share? What part is your
member going to play in the lesson? Plan around your commitment so it
doesn't come from left field. And lastly keep the lessons short! 20
min. lessons! Teach around the gospel of Jesus Christ. EVERYTHING we
teach leads back to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But don't forget it's
simple. This is nothing new! It's ALL in PMG and missionary work in
the digital age booklet:) also safeguards for using technology booklet
is bomb! Okay that's enough! But I wouldn't be a missionary unless I
left a commitment! Teach the restoration in ONE minute! It changes
street contacts and door approaches!!! It is HARD and you won't get
everything in which is okay because you'll go back and teach the first
lesson:) (Tip: basically keep it to one sentence for each principle) I
realize this is mostly applicable to missionaries but just a friendly
reminder that we're all disciples of Jesus Christ and what a gift it
is to be able to share our testimonies! It's as simple as "I know that
my Savior loves me!" I love you all and I'm so grateful for your
examples, love, and support! Have the best week!!

Love, Sister Eaton

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nov 30th: VC w/ Royann, Temple with Kelsey

It has been such a great week! We were able to go to the visitor
center with Royann to watch Meet the Mormons. The spirit is so strong
just being on the temple grounds and it's so pretty with all the
Christmas lights! Later this week we were able to go do baptisms with
Kelsey who was just baptized... She's amazing! Sister Hansens and I
were able to to dress in white and I was able to help pass out towels
to those who were just baptized for a time. I love being in the
temple! The temple president happened to be in the baptistery and was
able to confirm Kelsey! He shared a scripture in Luke 4:18 about how
Kelsey is able to do the same work the Christ did when He was here.
The church is true! Last but not least we have been teaching this girl
who is a senior in high school. She has been taking seminary this year
and when we first met with her she wanted to know how she could be
baptized. I'm so grateful to be apart of the Lord's work. I see His
hand in my life every day! I love this Christmas time and the
initiative the church came out with this year A Savior Is Born! I love
you all!

Love, Sister Eaton

Nov 23rd-Training Sister Hansens, I'm a Gma, Kelsey's Baptism!!!

Sister Hansens and I were asked to train Sister Smith but she has not arrived because of some visa issues... She is also from England! She will be arriving Wednesday so there will be more news next week! It'll be 7 1/2 months here in Chandler! Goin for #9Months haha Not to mention I'm a grandma!!! Sister Berezay is white wash training in YUMA, which is where she's wanted to go sense she got here! They're taking over a senior couples area and I'm so excited for her! I'm too young to be a grandma... Any how! Kelsey's baptism was amazing!!! There was so much love and support from all the ward members and it went wonderfully! She already has a meeting with bishop to get her temple recommend and we'll be off to do baptisms for the dead with her! Royann is getting her temple recommend as well so we have some exciting weeks coming up!!! Yesterday Sister Hansens and I gave talks on conversion in sacrament meeting. I love preparing trainings and such because I find I always learn so much in that time and it always seems to be what I need a reminder of! I used the beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5 for the how to be converted. I also shared a quote from President Uchtdorf on simplicity because I believe too often we're complicating our discipleship. He said,  “Sometimes, the truth may just seem too straightforward, too plain, and too simple for us to fully appreciate its great value. So we set aside what we have experienced and know to be true in pursuit of more mysterious or complicated information. Hopefully we will learn that when we chase after shadows, we are pursuing matters that have little substance and value. . . are we making our discipleship too complicated? Brothers and sisters, if you ever think that the gospel isn’t working so well for you, I invite you to step back, look at your life from a higher plane, and simplify your approach to discipleship. Focus on the basic doctrines, principles, and applications of the gospel. I promise that God will guide and bless you on your path to a fulfilling life, and the gospel will definitely work better for you.” I love being a disciple of Jesus Christ and I'm forever grateful I've been given this opportunity to serve my Father in heaven for these short 18 months. I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

Love, Sister Eaton

Nov 16th-Filming w/ Kelsey! :D...Being a Disciple

I would have NEVER told you my mission would be what it has been...
and I'm loving every minute of it!!! This week the APs (Assistant to
President) contacted us to let us know they have a referral for us and
she's on date for Saturday November 14th! So on Tuesday we had a
pass-off lesson. Okay, 1: I've never had a pass-off lesson 2: I've
never had a pass-off lesson over Skype and 3: I've never had a
pass-off lesson that was being filmed! So we did what we do best and
learn as we go! We went early so they could touch up our hair and
makeup and mic us and we were nervous out of our minds! Once we got in
there and were able to actually meet Kelsey for the first time the
nerves settled just a bit and the spirit took over. She's AMAZING!!!!
But a baptism never goes on without bumps in the road... More like
mountains! But we got there and she'll be getting baptized tomorrow,
November 17! Transfers are this week... Ahhh! We'll find out tomorrow
late at night what happens for transfers on Thursday! My first 6
months have been spent here in Chandler and I've learned SO much, I
love it here! I'm excited for what the Lord has planned for this next
transfer... We'll see what happens! Shifting gears a bit- I wanted to
share a little bit of what I learned yesterday in church! Being a
disciple is not always easy but we need to do everything we can do do
what Christ would do! If we do we will have more happiness, confidence
and experience eternal life! How might be do this?? Here are 5 things
we can do that will strengthen us as disciples of Jesus Christ:) 1. Go
about doing good 2. Seek out the lonely
God doesn't give me a trial if I can't overcome it. 3. COMPASSION 4.
Stand as a witness of God at ALL times. 5. Invite ALL of God's
children to come unto Him. I love you, God loves you and watches out
for every single one of us! I'm praying for you every day! Happy

Love, Sister Eaton

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

District 3...Nov 9, 2015

BIG CHANGES IN THE MISH!!!! Like the filming of District 3.... You
could say it's surreal, especially for the 4 companion ships that are
being filmed. If you asked me what a mission would be like I would
have never thought there would be film crews! They were at the MPD
(mission presidents devotional) which is where we can bring our
investigators and RC (recent converts) to here testimonies of a couple
new members! We had Stake conference yesterday but it was a regional
broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Oaks, Corbridge, Robbins, and Sister
Reeves. It was so amazing! I wish I could share all that I learned but
I'll just leave with this thought: SIMPLIFY. Elder Robbins refers to
Elder Oaks talk "Good, Better, and Best" and I encourage you all to go
and read it. Let's not make discipleship too complicated and just love
one another. I love you all! Thank you for all the love and support!

Love, Sister Eaton

Baring Testimony-Nov 3, 2015

Testimony meeting is always interesting! A man got up and chastised us for not visiting this guy who's not a member. (his daughter's BF's father) He even called out the bishopbric! Everyone was a little tense afterwards but of course that's when the spirit prompts me to go share my testimony. It's so crazy that the Lord confirms what we know when we bare our testimony! I had been fasting Saturday to just feel God's guidance in my life and then again on Sunday sense it was fast sunday. And as I was baring my testimony that God will never forsake us even when we don't feel His love or know what we should do and the spirit witnessed so strong to me that it was true. I'm grateful God does answer prayers. It's never been in the way I want or at the time I want but He always provides peace to me and I've found that most times that not that is the answer to my prayers.
Christmas ideas... I would like granola:) no more protein powder though... I don't drink too much. I would love a CTR ring but if you can find a cheaper one I would be down! And a navy blue skirt would be wonderful:) I'll try and think of something I can use... life's pretty simple as a missionary haha! Maybe you could ask Cal about her clay face mask.. she'll know what you're talking about. I would like that! I LOVED all the pictures!!! Man everyone dressed up good this year! The bubs Mario costumes and Buncy's Pedro costume!!!! Man I almost died laughing but then I remembered there are still souls that need saving! Thanks for being such awesome parents! I still don't know how I got so lucky! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love, Sister Eaton

P.S. I guess I didn't tell you but I'm not STL anymore. We don't have one in our zone but it works because we're the only sisters. haha :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Zone Conference!-Visions

This week we had zone conference! I always love seeing President
and Sister Toone! We have talked a bunch about vision. What is God's
vision for me? What is my vision for myself? What is my vision for my
companionship, our area, and the mission, etc. It takes complete faith
and confidence that I can achieve my vision and that is much easier
said than done!
The weather is cooling off and it's causing all the snow birds to come
back which is good for our teaching pool! I'm excited for Halloween
because we get to go to the temple! They decided our time is better
spent in the Lords house rather than getting mixed up with the trick
or treaters!
I love you all and I'm so grateful when I get an email or letter! It
makes my day!!! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Eaton

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SL coming to our Mission!-Being Bold

Wow some crazy changes are happening in the mission! Salt Lake is
coming for six weeks to film four companion ships for a training
because the Tempe mission has been really successful with using
technology. I don't think anyone knows what they're doing but we seem
to be doing something right. Sense the change and because of recent
events it has caused me to reflect where I fit in in it all....
There's always those bold personalities wherever you go and I haven't
quite figured out how to mesh with them. I feel like it's me.. But at
the same time I don't feel like Heavenly Father wants me to change...
So it brings me back to figuring out where I fit in. And maybe the
answer is that I don't!  Maybe He just needs me to be me and I won't
have a bunch of friends. I mean that's nothing new. I've always just
had a couple really close ones but I find I'm happiest when I reach
out and can help others. So change is good but it is difficult but I
look forward to what the next six weeks has to offer! My comp is 
from England :)I got to teach her howto share the responsibility though.. 
Just cause I'm leading out the area doesn't mean I do everything. I'll be 
here at least until Nov. 19 but I hope they don't move me a week before 
Thanksgiving! I would LOVE to go hiking in Jackson when I get back! 
You know in the summer of course... After spring semester! I love you 
both more than words can say! Idk if you've noticed but it isn't too much 
longer until we get to Skype! Thank you for being so supportive and 
encourage.. I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, your baby girl,
Sister Jennifer Eaton


SIX MONTHS IN CHANDLER!!!!!! (so far...) I get to stay another transfer! And my new companion is... SISTER HANSENS!!!! (My MTC companion) I totally did not see that one coming! We've had some fun times together already! Last night we celebrated Canada's Thanksgiving with some members! Thanksgiving 2x a year... yes please! One of the sons pointed out it's ironic Sister Hansens we celebrating because she's English and all but she may as well be American! So we're teaching this family and they're from Africa! There's a bit of a language barrier... they speak Swahili! So I taught my first translated lesson! We had an awesome member out with us and once we got home she texted us to let us know she ordered a BoM in Swahili! The members here are AMAZING!!!! This week I also hit another mile stone! I fell for my first time on my bike! More like flew but all is good! It was raining and the roads are slippery "don't ya know" (said like Whit in her Minnesota accent) I was getting on the sidewalk and my bike slid, I flew and did this flip thingy but all is well! ALL I got to show is a little scrape on my knee! It's been such a great week! I can't believe how quickly the Lord's work is hastening! I love being a missionary with all my heart and I'm so grateful for all the support I have! I love you all!

Love, Sister Eaton

Royann's Baptism!!!-Oct 5

What an amazing week!!! We were able to go to the Mesa temple on Wednesday! We were in and out but it's always great to be able to spend time in the Lord's home. So I have a story but I first have to preface it... transfers are this week, need I say more? Okay for those that don't know transfers cause ulcers. Okay not quite but needless to say I do not want to leave Chandler! I love it so much! Any whos on with the story! So we're at dinner with some members...  I'm already an emotional wreck and the topic of transfers comes up. Oh no! The dad is like "Don't you know? Every missionary that eats dinner with us is always transferred!" (He said this not knowing how I've been feeling..) I respond in tears. "WHAT?? I don't want to leave!" Cry at a members home during dinner- check! With that said I know wherever the Lord sends me is where I'm needed. Royann's baptism was amazing! There has been so much support from the ward! She was so excited to be baptized and already knows what she's going to say Sunday when the bishop calls her up to bare her testimony. The elders helped us fill up the font. Long story short the water was scalding! Our church has a very good water heater. I felt terrible! They were like in repeated whispers "it's hot... it's hot" And on top of it her foot popped out the first time so she had to go in it 2x! But it was a great day! CONFERENCE<3 Three new apostles! I took so many notes I wouldn't know where to start but I loved every second of it! I love you all and pray for you!

Love, Sister Eaton

Elder Scott...and flat tires-Sept 28

We just watched Elder Scott's funeral. I loved the talks that were given! They were powerful reminders of one who emulates Christ like attributes. This week we had interviews! There were 6 zones there! SL made a surprise visit so that took a lot of time that usually goes to interviews so they were a bit different but it's always good to see President and Sister Toone! He talked about our vision. In Proverbs 29:18 it says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish". What is the difference between goal and vision? A goal requires stepping stones. A vision is who we can become. What is the Lord's vision for us? And what are we doing to accomplish His vision?
On Friday we came out of a lesson with a RC and my back tire was totally flat! Flats are THE WORST but we walked our bikes home because we weren't too far and the following day a member picked up my bike to change it for me! Because he had my bike another member picked us up for a day of service and the broadcast that evening. I loved the general women's session! The talks that were given were so powerful and uplifting. Afterwards we were dropped off at home to bike the rest of the night and lone behold Sister Berezay's back tire was TOTALLY FLAT!! So we called a different member to come a change her flat. How frustrating it is when you can't do missionary work! But Yesterday at church during relief society we had such a great lesson! The sister that was teaching referenced from Elder Jorg Klebingat's talk "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" IT IS AMAZING!!! As I was reading the talk during personal study this morning point number six jumped out at me! Accept trials, setbacks, and "surprises" as part of your mortal experience. We are here to be proved and tested. Answer with "I understand, Lord" and "spiritual confidence [will] increase". I love this gospel! I cannot wait for general conference this weekend! Also WE HAVE A BAPTISM FRIDAY!!! You always here about these "golden referrals" and she is it! God really does put those He has prepared into our paths! I love you all! Have the best week and a even better weekend!

Love, Sister Eaton

Family History-Sept 21

As a mission we have implemented a tracting hour from 1-2. This weeks focus was family history. Sister Berezay and I were knocking on some doors and came across this ladies house... She has 7 children and a friend on a mission... we asked if she's ever been interested in learning more about her family history... She didn't even miss a beat!!! We set a return appointment for this Thursday! It's amazing who the Lord will put in your path when you involve Him in HIS work! We had stake conference Friday and Saturday. It was so great! President and Sister Toone came which was THE BEST surprise! Also because we were getting a new Stake President there were two general authorities! One of the bishops from one of the wards I'm serving in was called to be the 1st councilor in the stake presidency so we'll be getting a new bishop! During the adult session Saturday night the themes were family councils and family history. Family is why we're here on Earth. Our goal is to return to our Father in Heaven. It's so simple when you look at the basic principles of our gospel. I love teaching investigators about temples because although they may not understand now the spirit can confirm to them what we're teaching is true! I love being a missionary! The weather is cooling off down here. It was raining this morning! I've actually been a little chilly a couple of the nights this week! Haha That 70 degree weather! Have a great week! I love you all!

Love, Sister Eaton

P.S. My best friend from 4th grade!!! Ignore the height difference. She's been a visa waiter for Australia and it finally came!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

OYM-Seeing the Fruits of our Labors

We're leading our zone with lessons taught this week!!! Sometimes you don't see the fruit of your labors until it is handed to you! This week we have implemented OYM (Open Your Mouth). The goal is to get 20 each day. Of course some days are better than others but just this week we have FOUR new investigators! Also just this week our whole mission had a tracting hour from 1-2. It was cool to know the whole mission was out knocking doors finding ANYONE to talk to. Also we're having a little competition between the zones... in our efforts to get missionaries up and exercising in the mornings we (as a MLC) have challenged each missionary to run 20 miles a transfer. In just one week Chandler and Tempe YSA have been neck in neck with about 100 miles each so we'll see who takes it at the end of this transfer! This week we had a interesting street contact... he was Muslim and spoke Bengali and very little English but in our efforts to teach ANYONE we attempted using google translate. Harder said than done! Needless to say there won't be another lesson with him. We were also able to sit in on a Lutheran study group. It was amazing! Here's why- there were only 4 of them and Pastor James was teaching how Christ is in us and us in Christ and one of them could not understand that. It was very cool teaching opportunity to teach that we were created in God's image and so forth. They were very kind and invited us back! On Saturday we took one of our investigators to a baptism that some of our Elders had. The spirit was very strong and her desire to be baptized increased 10 fold but still wants to wait until they have their 6 kids back. God is in the detail of our lives. He loves us more than we'll every know. I love teaching others about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Eaton

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sister Berezay!

What a crazy week!!! Okay SO much has happened I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll start from the very beginning... Sound of Music reference anyone? So the beginning of the week was full of good byes! We're lucky that our wards are so great that it makes saying good byes hard! Tuesday night were transfer calls..... 9:30- nothing 10:30- nothing 11:30- we get a text from our ZL saying that calls won't be until MORNING!!!! So the next morning we wake up, exercise, and get ready. At this point I'm a ball of nerves and I'm practically giving myself an ulcer! So we start personal study. We're about 20 minutes in, I was finally able to focus on the scriptures, when the sisters come in with the phone on speaker and President's on the line... do you know what it means when President's on the line?? So I answer, "Hi President" (if you know me I have my phone voice all the way as if I could cover up my shaking voice!) He answers, "Sister Eaton we would like to ask you if you would train?" I was so excited/nervous and whole bunch of other emotions! But then he asks, "We would also like to ask if you would serve as a Sister Training Leader" WHAAAT? I wasn't sure what to think or do but I heard myself say "Yes I will". Just so I don't hold you in suspense any longer... I am staying in Chandler! Transfers came SO fast and before you know it my "mom" "died" and now I have a "daughter"!!!! Her name is Sister Berezay (Bur-zay) and she's from Colorado. She's a sweetheart! #GreenieFire I now know why there's so much growth that takes place on a mission... it's because of all the change! Every time I think I get the hang of something the Lord's right there waiting to remind me of who I can become and so He pushes me just a little (or a lot) further. I'm grateful that the Lord trusts me to train one of His missionaries. I know there's still so much for me to learn but I trust that this is His plan for me. Just as it says in 1 Nephi 17:3 that if "the children of men keep the commandments of God he doth nourish them, and strengthen them, and provide means whereby they can accomplish the things which he has commanded them". I love this gospel with all my heart! What a privilege it is to serve a mission and wear the name of Christ on my tag. I love all of you all! Have the best week ever! 

Love, Sister Eaton

P.S. Conference is in a month! Start thinking now of any questions that you have because I know that the Lord will answer them! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Week of "Lasts"

Hey!!! This week Sister Clemens and I were asked if we would write a post for a mission blog on "a day in the life of biking sisters" It was so fun! If you want to check it out it's arizonatempemission.blogspot.comThere have been a lot of "lasts" this week for Sister Clemens. Last district meeting, last time serving at the food bank, last weekly planning, last Sunday, today's her last p-day!!! Crazy! Speaking of, I'm done training!!!  I am no longer a "greenie" but apparently that sticks until about 6 months. So tomorrow is transfer calls! I wasn't nervous for the last one because I was almost positive Sister Clemens would stay, finish out her mission here in Chandler, and finish training me. But with Sister Clemens going home I have no idea what will happen! I'm excited for whatever does happen though! Good news: there's only about another month left of "AZ heat" before it cools down! It's really not too bad... there's hot, hot, and hot. It's all just hot. You can bake cookies in your car! If you have a car... I guess the pavement would work just fine.
I finished the Book of Mormon this morning. I know that, without a doubt, that the Book of Mormon is true! I know that God answers our prayers through scripture. That, although written MANY years ago, we can still learn from the accounts recorded in the Book of Mormon. I KNOW, as someone who doesn't have the best track record for scripture study, reading from the Book of Mormon every day will bring you closer to God. It doesn't matter how much. But reading from the Book of Mormon every day will provide peace in your life. I love the Book of Mormon! I love this gospel. I love being a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love you all!!! I can't thank you enough for all the support you've shown me. Have the best week!

Love, Sister Eaton

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mission Tour!!!--Elder Corbridge

Becoming Truly Converted

What a crazy week it has been! Next week will be even crazier because we are having a mission tour. That means that Elder Corbridge, the area 70, is coming to train and assess the mission. On Tuesday we had our zone meeting. The zone leaders and Sister Clemens did great on their trainings! A brief recap: We must align our will with God's will. And in 2 Nephi 27:23 "..I am a God of miracles; ...and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith." and in Helaman 5:12 when our foundation is built upon Christ it is "a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." If we want to teach with authority the only way to do that is through the spirit. The spirit acts as a sealer. This week there was also a new missionary [6 and 12 week] training! Something I have learned this week is to become truly converted it takes commitment every single day and giving up my will. It's difficult at times (all the time really) to be patient with the Lord and His plan for me but I know that it's through my diligence and faithfulness that miracles will come! So on Saturday Sister Clemens and I and the sisters we live with didn't have dinners so we pulled together some food and made a awesome dinner! On a less exciting note... I walked into the bathroom this week and there was a scorpion!!! That's the third one we have had in our house the past two months! I was calling for Sister Clemens for what seemed like forever and she came and killed it for me! It didn't help that it was right before bed.. oh man those things are nasty! Well that's all for this week! I love you all!

Love, Sister Eaton