Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SL coming to our Mission!-Being Bold

Wow some crazy changes are happening in the mission! Salt Lake is
coming for six weeks to film four companion ships for a training
because the Tempe mission has been really successful with using
technology. I don't think anyone knows what they're doing but we seem
to be doing something right. Sense the change and because of recent
events it has caused me to reflect where I fit in in it all....
There's always those bold personalities wherever you go and I haven't
quite figured out how to mesh with them. I feel like it's me.. But at
the same time I don't feel like Heavenly Father wants me to change...
So it brings me back to figuring out where I fit in. And maybe the
answer is that I don't!  Maybe He just needs me to be me and I won't
have a bunch of friends. I mean that's nothing new. I've always just
had a couple really close ones but I find I'm happiest when I reach
out and can help others. So change is good but it is difficult but I
look forward to what the next six weeks has to offer! My comp is 
from England :)I got to teach her howto share the responsibility though.. 
Just cause I'm leading out the area doesn't mean I do everything. I'll be 
here at least until Nov. 19 but I hope they don't move me a week before 
Thanksgiving! I would LOVE to go hiking in Jackson when I get back! 
You know in the summer of course... After spring semester! I love you 
both more than words can say! Idk if you've noticed but it isn't too much 
longer until we get to Skype! Thank you for being so supportive and 
encourage.. I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, your baby girl,
Sister Jennifer Eaton

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