Sunday, September 11, 2016

I love you all!!

There's no place I would rather be than here serving in AZ on Labor
Day! I don't have too much time but I wanted to make sure you know how
much I love you! I'm doing great and I'm happy to hear all is well
back home:) That's fun you were able to have a get together with
Austin&Eli. Also that's so cool to hear that Abretia has decided to
serve! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! I can't say it more but it's
seriously is the best thing! Transfers are the 14th so stay posted on
what will happen! I love you both!! Have a great week and I'll talk
with you soon:)

Love, Sister Eaton

Exchanges with Sister Riker and Bob

In honor of football season here is my comp and I sportin our Cardinals shirts. Also, I've not 
been in AZ too long - I'm still happy to hear BYU won U of A!

August 29 - August is over...

Yes I do wish I could stop time for just a minute. I love every minute! It seems you've had a great week! I have to admit it's extremely weird for me to hear about Whit hanging out with my friends.. Everyone seems to be doing well though which is great! I don't think I need anything and I can't think of anything I want. You can save the money to go shopping when I get home though haha I'll write you a letter today, I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! 

Love, your baby girl, Sister Eaton

August 22 - Plans for after the mission??

August 15 - Invests to church, Kate's baptism, monsoon season, exchanges and twins!

Kate's Baptism!!!


Yesterday Roseanna came to church with her 3 children! I love them so much! I have a new
best friend, Evelyn,  who doesn't go anywhere without holding my hand.

Our exchange with Sister Lungu and Pennington! Fun story: so I trained Sister Berezay
who is not in the picture, who trained sister Lungu (to my left) and she is now training
Sister Pennington (to my right). And my cute companion of course! So fun!

It's monsoon season!! Which means everything floods for a few days after it pours buckets.
We decided to bike for the day... not our brightest idea seeing how rain doesn't come 
without humidity.

August 8 - Adjusted and loving Gilbert :)

I'm staying another transfer! This week has been great and passed too
quickly, I don't know where all the time goes! I loved hearing and
seeing pics from the Island Park trip! I'm also happy to hear gramps
and gram are doing well! I sure love them! It's about killing me not
being able to watch the olympics but sacrifices bring forth great
blessings, right?😉 As far as the weather it's still hotter than Hades
down here but the monsoons cool things off a bit and add humidity that
I don't know how to deal with but they're amazing! We do have some
wonderful people we're teaching but not quite as many as YSA where I
came from which is okay and I knew it would be that way. I've adjusted
nicely to my new area here in Gilbert- a stranger paid for our
groceries today while we were checking out and we got a free car wash!
But it really is a great area and I'm loving every minute! I need to
stop blinking because every time I do another week has passed! Each
week we try to get 20 teaching opportunities, including members
taught, and this week we got 21 which is a huge achievement! I'm
excited for this new transfer and I love you both so much!!! I'll talk
with you soon❤️

Love, Sister Eaton