Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nov 16th-Filming w/ Kelsey! :D...Being a Disciple

I would have NEVER told you my mission would be what it has been...
and I'm loving every minute of it!!! This week the APs (Assistant to
President) contacted us to let us know they have a referral for us and
she's on date for Saturday November 14th! So on Tuesday we had a
pass-off lesson. Okay, 1: I've never had a pass-off lesson 2: I've
never had a pass-off lesson over Skype and 3: I've never had a
pass-off lesson that was being filmed! So we did what we do best and
learn as we go! We went early so they could touch up our hair and
makeup and mic us and we were nervous out of our minds! Once we got in
there and were able to actually meet Kelsey for the first time the
nerves settled just a bit and the spirit took over. She's AMAZING!!!!
But a baptism never goes on without bumps in the road... More like
mountains! But we got there and she'll be getting baptized tomorrow,
November 17! Transfers are this week... Ahhh! We'll find out tomorrow
late at night what happens for transfers on Thursday! My first 6
months have been spent here in Chandler and I've learned SO much, I
love it here! I'm excited for what the Lord has planned for this next
transfer... We'll see what happens! Shifting gears a bit- I wanted to
share a little bit of what I learned yesterday in church! Being a
disciple is not always easy but we need to do everything we can do do
what Christ would do! If we do we will have more happiness, confidence
and experience eternal life! How might be do this?? Here are 5 things
we can do that will strengthen us as disciples of Jesus Christ:) 1. Go
about doing good 2. Seek out the lonely
God doesn't give me a trial if I can't overcome it. 3. COMPASSION 4.
Stand as a witness of God at ALL times. 5. Invite ALL of God's
children to come unto Him. I love you, God loves you and watches out
for every single one of us! I'm praying for you every day! Happy

Love, Sister Eaton

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