Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec 14th: Korina's Baptism!!!

What a fun week it has been!!! SO much has happened, I don't know
where to start... Korina was baptized this week! A couple weeks ago we
got a text from someone in another ward saying he has a friend that
wants to meet with us and that she wants to be baptized! I was saying
it never happens getting texts for referrals that are ready for
baptism but it happens all the time!!! I have such a strong testimony
that the Lord brings those who are ready to you or you to them. She
has taken seminary this year and prayed to know all on her own to know
if this was Christ's true church. She found her answer and the first
question she asked us was "How am I baptized?" There were SO many
people there to support her from the ward, seminary, school... There
was only standing room in the back! I'm always so amazed of how
supportive the members are with helping in every aspect... Coming with
us to lessons, feeding us, helping us get gifts for our mission
president's wife! The list goes on! Sunday was the beginning of
Christmas conference! We went to the MPD (Mission President's
Devotional) and were able to go with our Korina. President stood up at
the end and shared with us something he learned. When we come into the
field he invites us to kneel down each night and ask Heavenly Father
if our offering is except able. On Sunday evening he shared with us
again to ask ourselves if we are excepting the Lord's offering-
Christ's atonement! The best way we could have began Christmas
conference! Monday morning the mission ran a 5K... This went way
bested than the one in March let me tell ya! I ran the whole thing and
for those of you that know me I'm sure are having to pick their jaws
up from off the floor! We then had some breakfast and were able to
play in a basketball tournament! Later that evening we hiked into
Christmas Camp and had testimony meeting around a fire. I'm so
grateful for the opportunity to be where the Mormon battalion was many
years ago in a similar place they were- away from our families serving
the Lord. The Stars seemed to be extra bright and God seemed to be a
little closer. To top it all off we were able to do a session at the
Mesa temple this morning and will be taking a mission picture at the
Gilbert temple. I'm so grateful for this wonderful time to serve! I
love you all so much and I'm grateful for your love and support at
this time of year! My first and only Christmas in the mission field
and it's already been one to remember! Love you all!

Love, Sister Eaton

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