Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 25th-Maurie and Joe's Wedding!

                                                            Maurie and Joe's Wedding!!!

                                                                  Maurie's Baptism

               Dublin House! We got snapbags for Christmas and naturally this had to be our house pic!

                      My first exchange on my mission! Sister Tailleur is from Temple Square
                                                    and is here for 2 transfers (outbound).
here for 2 transfers (outbound).

January 18th-Elder Bednar and the Atonement

This week has been amazing. Hard, but amazing! I have a better
understanding of what role the atonement plays in my life and what it
means to me. Elder Bednar came and spoke to the YSA in my stake and
was able to speak boldly and lovingly. I have always known the
Savior's atonement cleanses us from sin but I forget too often that it
also strengthens us! To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy.
Salvation was not easy for Him, why would we think it would be easy
for us? His Apostolic witness filled the room with the spirit and
reminded me that Heavenly Father is mindful of me and loves me. In
relief society yesterday I was able to bear my testimony of how we are
breaking over and over again. We may feel forgotten, confused at why
we need to feel such a way, or how much longer we can go on feeling
that way. But that is exactly what the atonement is!!! To heal us! To
strengthen us! And it isn't until we are broken that Heavenly Father
can but us back together stronger than we were before. I'm grateful
that I have a father in heaven that loves me enough to teach me this
lesson. I'm grateful for my Savior and how real His atoning sacrifice
is to me. I'm grateful for trials. I know the very purpose of coming
to earth is to be tested and through the choices we make return back
to our loving Heavenly Father. I am far from perfection but I know the
Lord will strengthen me only when I keep my covenants and trust in
Him. One last note from Elder Bednar is that at baptism we promised to
take the name of Christ upon us. Every decision after that is not ours
to make because we already covenanted to follow Christ. Of course we
still have our agency, God will never take that from us, but now it is
our responsibility to do as Christ would. I promise that as we do this
we will be happier than we ever thought imaginable! I love you all and
pray for you each day!

Love, Sister Eaton

January 11th-Finding YSA and the mission is such a blessing for life


I can't think of any other blessing/trail that can prepare you more
for marriage than a mission. You learn good work ethic, communication
skills, patience in setbacks, forgiveness with your companion... The
list goes on! More than everything it is so fun! It's like being in
college living with 6 sisters but we don't have to go to school or
work haha! You all seem to be doing well:) It's killin me not being
able to ski with all the good snow you've gotten this year! We haven't
had that in so many years! Were y'all able to make some good goals for
2016? It's funny you know me and my almost obsession with setting
goals... I didn't know what I wanted from 2016 and therefore my
mission. It was more frustrating than anything but during morning
studies it just came to me! The thing I want most from my mission is
to know my Savior. I thought a good way to do that is to read Jesus
the Christ. I'm grateful the Lord will always answer our prayers! At
times we may feel that He's let us go too far or make us wait to long
but it's in those times when we grow the most and then when we're
ready to listen to the answer He has for us He will let the truth be

Serving in YSA is different than a family ward in almost every way but
it's so cool because it's the same work! This week we found two new
investigators. I love being able to be the Lord's hands in helping
others learn about the restored gospel. You literally see people's
lives change as they choose to follow Jesus Christ. Our ward is so
huge and so we've been finding through our members because there's
about 400 but a little less than half come to church each week. It's
crazy because there have been so many people that I've met from
Riverton or have friends there. We had dinner with a member who served
with Fish (one of Whit's friends) in Reno, NV! We had the best
devotional that was for all YSA. Elder Nelson spoke on "Becoming True
Millennials". He covered 4 main points: 1- Learn who you truly are. 2-
Expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible. 3- Learn how to
access the power of heaven. 4- Follow the prophets. We are elect of
God's children because of our faithfulness and have come at this time
to prepare for Christ to come again. I love it so much and the full
talk is on! I love being a missionary with all my heart and I
love all of you!!! Thank you so much for your support and encouraging
words! Until next week!

Love, Sister Eaton

January 4th-YSA Ward!!!!

The biggest change of my mission happened this past week!!! I'm
staying in Dublin house! Okay okay that's nothing new but now I'm
serving in... YSA!!!!! I was also asked to second half train Sister
Jun! I've lived with her for her first transfer and she is amazing!
These past couple days have been so fun! I thought I would serve in
YSA at some point of my mission just because that is not my comfort
zone but it is SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I can't wait for the rest of the
transfer! It was extremely weird leaving Ray 2nd and Ray 3rd  because
I've served there for the past 7 months and it's all I've known..
Especially because of New Years we weren't able to be out proselyting
in our new areas. But going to church really helps you acclimate to
your new area and it's amazing how much love I have for everyone
already! Thursday was transfers and on Friday I was able to help teach
the last lesson to Sarah just in time for her baptism on Saturday!
It's so amazing to be able to be apart of this work! One of my coolest
teaching opportunities happened this week as well! Ty one of the
members just got home from his mission a few months ago and brought 5
buddies to come play some ball at the church. None of them were
members and he told them in return for us letting them use our court
they had to let us share a message! So as we taught a condensed
version of the restoration and eternal families it was so cool to be
able to talk with them and see if they felt a difference when they
come to our church... And they do! All of them had a Christian
background but none of them are active in their various beliefs. I'm
so grateful for this opportunity to share this gospel with everyone I
meet every single day! This work is truly amazing and has changed my
life. I love this gospel with all my heart and I know The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's church once again
restored on the earth. I love you all! Thank you so much for all your
love and support!!

Love, Sister Eaton