Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec 7th: PMG-Learning to Plan vs. Schedule...& I ran 4 miles, NBD

This week I just wanted to share a couple highlights from my week!
Okay you might want to sit down for this one... I ran FOUR miles this
morning!!! I know I know you're wondering if I'm feeling alright, I'm
feeling great! Our mission's Christmas Conference is next Monday and
we're having a 5K. Seeing how I didn't train for the last one I ran in
March I decided it might be best to go ahead and try training for this
We were able to have the sisters that were filmed with us for a day
training us and it was amazing! I learned so much!!! The biggest thing
that I learned is the difference between scheduling (which I did my
first 6 months!) and planning. When you schedule you simply fill in
all your time. Make sure you're being "productive" and there's no
wasted/empty time. PLANNING: Start with your highest priority
investigator. How are you going to help them increase their faith and
have a spiritual experience? Forget stats! What's a good goal for
them? Do you want them to read the BOM, come to church, actually meet
with you... Whatever! Okay now make a lesson plan. What are you going
to teach? What scriptures are you go into share? What part is your
member going to play in the lesson? Plan around your commitment so it
doesn't come from left field. And lastly keep the lessons short! 20
min. lessons! Teach around the gospel of Jesus Christ. EVERYTHING we
teach leads back to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But don't forget it's
simple. This is nothing new! It's ALL in PMG and missionary work in
the digital age booklet:) also safeguards for using technology booklet
is bomb! Okay that's enough! But I wouldn't be a missionary unless I
left a commitment! Teach the restoration in ONE minute! It changes
street contacts and door approaches!!! It is HARD and you won't get
everything in which is okay because you'll go back and teach the first
lesson:) (Tip: basically keep it to one sentence for each principle) I
realize this is mostly applicable to missionaries but just a friendly
reminder that we're all disciples of Jesus Christ and what a gift it
is to be able to share our testimonies! It's as simple as "I know that
my Savior loves me!" I love you all and I'm so grateful for your
examples, love, and support! Have the best week!!

Love, Sister Eaton

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