Sunday, November 6, 2016

September 12, 2016 Daijah on date, service and PM couple!

Hey fam! So I want to write all of you but this will have to suffice
for now, maybe one day I'll have more time! I have loved everything
about this week! We had a lesson with our investigator Daijah and put
her on date for October 8th!!! We got to do some service for our
investigator Christie and also met a PM couple that are snowbirds and
they're back for the cooler weather! He's not a member but he's a
service missionary for the church... he gets all huffy any time you
bring up baptism so no one knows what his concerns are. Any
suggestions? Our other investigator Roseanna got all her top teeth
extracted and got her denture this week! As you could imagine she's in
quite a bit of pain but it's been amazing to see the ward be there for
her through all of this, they're truly amazing! That's a little update
on the area:) Transfers are Wednesday and we find out tomorrow what
will happen. I'm not sure if I'll stay or go but I love my area and my
companion so a girl could hope! We're still STLs and I love being able
to have such good relationships with tons of sisters you wouldn't
normally get to serve close with.
excitement I can't even handle it! How was the first day on the new
job Ben?? Also how fun to have a multi-stake conference! I'm SO
grateful to have such a wonderful family! I LOVE being a missionary
and I learn so much every day. Thank you for your wonderful examples
and have the greatest week ever!

Love, Sister Eaton

We're on egg duty

My cute companion and I before church!

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