Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 17 - Epstine Bar Virus but workin hard

You are too cute and the queen of selfies, I love you! I thought I
would share some thoughts with you from the week that I think you
would appreciate. So about the time of the beginning of this transfer
(middle of Septemberish) I was feeling very fatigued. The trick with
epstine bar virus is you can't tell the difference between being tired
and the virus. It was around zone conference that I decided to call
Sister Christensen to see if she had any advice on what I could do to
try and help. She gave me some tips because fortunately she's familiar
with epstine bar. I'm kinda at a loss with this virus because no
amount of sleep seems to help (I only know that from before the
mission, I haven't been sleeping more than the 8 hours at night and
sometimes I'll take a 15 minute nap during lunch) nor have a found any
trick to get rid of it... basically I was feeling pretty hopeless. On
top of it all I was so frustrated because I don't want anything
stopping me from working and it made me tear up thinking I couldn't
work as hard as I wanted to. So I've been taking iron but I haven't
noticed a big difference so I finally resulted to a priesthood
blessing. I was desperate for guidance and so I asked my district
leader. It was a really neat blessing talking about how I'll
understand how this trial will help me etc. but the thing that stood
out to me most is when he said "latent things will be made known unto
you soon". I didn't know what latent meant but it said "Existing but
not yet developed or manifested". I'm not sure exactly what the Lord
has prepared in my future but I'm eager to continue serving with all
my heart might mind and strength even if it's not what I want it to be
because the Lord doesn't expect me to give more than I have. I'm
grateful for you mom because I've never questioned once if you and
even dad have loved me. I've always known you have and that's the
greatest gift you could give a child because I know that's how
Heavenly Father feels about us. I love you to the moon and back. Don't
worry about me I'm doing wonderful.
Side not: I DIDNT KNOW RACHELLE IS PREGNANT!!!!! And Brandon is one
gifted artist. I would be more than willing to go out and help or
spend time with them once I'm home. Do you know if they're planning on
coming for Christmas? I heard from dad that we're going somewhere for
Christmas and it's going to be HUGE. Can I sneak any details? Who's
coming, where we might be going... any of that?:) But have fun with
them and give everyone a hug from me, I LOVE YOU!

Love, your baby, Sister Eaton

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