Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sept 19 - YUMA?!?!?!?

YUMA???? I have been shipped out of the valley three hours from
civilization to Yuma, AZ! I didn't see this coming but I LOVE YUMA!!!!
We're three hours from San Diego so fingers crossed we'll get to do a
temple trip there! I'm still learning my area but Sister Anderson has
been patient with me while I learn our wards and investigators. We
just had a baptism on Saturday, her names Kaylee and she's 13. She is
the sweetest thing and I can't wait to be able to teach her the RC
lessons and get to know her better. We have a few others on date for
this transfer so it's going to be exciting! On top of it all General
Conference is in a couple weeks and I'm so excited!!! There's a bunch
of old snow birds coming back into town and I got the privilege of
riding with one of them... I'm still alive! Boy did it spice our ride
up especially when she made a left turn. It was a good turn it was
just on a red light so I was saying extra prayers for the both of us,
bless her. One  thing I was reminded of this week was to pray with
sincerity. One of our RC George says the most genuine prayers! They
start off as such, "Heavenly Father, it's George again..." I wish you
could here the fluctuation in his voice because it's just the best! I
could go on and on but I just wanted to end with the love I have for
this gospel. It brings true joy to my life and I'm so grateful to be
able to share it with all of God's children- well the ones here in
Yuma at least. He does love us unconditionally and it's so sweet to be
able to witness and feel that love for myself. I hope you have the
best week ever! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love, Sister Eaton

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