Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sept 26 - General Women's Conference every week? Yes please!

If only we had General Women's Conference every week! It was amazing
and inspiring. I love our dear prophet, he's just the cutest! And the
best part is we still get two more full days of it! Just a couple
thoughts I had from conference is what a blessing it is to have the
light of Christ in our lives to help us become the best we can be. To
be truly converted to gospel truths is the greatest blessing I could
give my future family and then of course to have FAITH. I think
President Uchtdorf has every women in the church talking about how
adorable his and Harriet's love story is.
This week is officially window weather sitting around 90-100 degrees.
We found two new investigators! Our RC Kaylee's younger brother is
sitting in on her recent convert lessons which is a miracle that he's
interested in learning more because he's a very active young boy. The
other one is someone who we knocked on his door because we were
looking for a former investigator that lived next to him. His name is
Joel and his mother and brother recently passed away within a few
weeks of each other so he's very receptive to God's plan for us. He
has a strong desire to strengthen his faith and already recognizes the
Holy Ghost in his life, it's incredible!
Sister Anderson and I have a great time together and it's a great
conversation starter when she's 4'11" and I'm almost a foot taller.
The Lord is truly blessing us and I can't wait for all the snow birds
to come and quadruple the population here in Yuma!

That's so fun Karalyn is headed on her mission! She's beautiful! How
are her siblings doing? Also how is Lynzie doing?? Do you think she'll
be able to come when I get home or even to my welcome home? Also are
gma and gpa still planning on staying with us for a couple weeks? I
heard about the tornado, crazy! Good thing it was huge. So my address
down in Yuma is 13118 E 49 st. Yuma, AZ 85367. Also will you email
Sister Smith (my last comp who still lives in Queen Creek) and give
her my address to forward dad's letter to me? Besides mints which is
typical for me to ask for (yes the bag is gone you sent) would you be
able to send a red refill for the mechanical scripture marker I have?
I don't know if that makes sense and if not no worries:) Thank you so
much for being so wonderful!!! I love you both so much! Happy
conference week!

Love, your baby, Sister Eaton

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