Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 10 - Last zone conference and Authentic Carne Asada Tacos=muy bien!

This week has been wonderful! This morning we hiked telegraph pass and
it was challenging and rewarding. We're trying to find new
investigators to teach but the Lord has blessed us with a couple
potentials and we had five investigators at church yesterday! This
week was my last zone conference! I can't believe how fast time flies.
They have all the departing missionaries bare their testimonies and I
didn't want to think I was one of them. It was hard but I did it!
Just to answer a couple of your questions: the Mexican food is muy
bueno here👌🏻Authentic carne asada tacos are heaven on earth for
real. The cooking is pretty similar as home but I do miss eating on my
own terms. Everyone loves there sister missionaries so they feed us
which is sweet of them but not for the bod. I look forward to working
with the elders! I'll do my best to find them some people to teach,
even if they want to take me tracting. I love knocking doors and
meeting new people. Rejections not as fun but it's part of it. I got
the debit card in the mail. Should I cut up the old one? Thanks for
sending it to me! You're the best!
I just want you both to know how grateful I am to have you as my
parents. It means more to me than the world itself that I have parents
who love God and keep their covenants. It's so easy to fall less
active and I can't thank you enough that through all the difficult
times in your lives that you were raising our family you never said
"I'm not feeling like getting ready for church today. Just not today."
or "God has asked too much of us so I'm going to do it my way for a
little while." I'm so so grateful! I see too many broken families that
try to do it "their way" and I promise that it's ALWAYS harder than
just following God's plan for us. I love you both more than words can
say but I'll talk with ya soon!

Love, your baby,
Sister Eaton
Sportin the USA!

President and Sister Christensen

My favorite senior couples I served with in San Tan, President and Sister Gladwell! 
He is also in the mission presidency so they get to come to zone conferences!

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