Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 24 - Interview with President and Feeling Better!

I'm glad you were able to go to CA to help Rachelle&Brandon out, what a treat for them! I loved all the pictures you sent me and I can't believe how big Jonathan has gotten! I didn't go to the doctor because Sister Christensen wanted to wait until after transfers in case I moved. (There's a good chance I am) The good news is I feel I have more energy! On Tuesday I decided I would stop eating candy/desserts and I'm drinking lots of water and I did start taking the energy enzymes (I didn't start taking them when I was in Queen Creek because I started to feel better but you know I'm desperate if I'll take supplements...) and a multi-supplement. I had a great interview with President when they came to Yuma! He talked with me about how I was feeling. He and Sister Christensen really care about how I'm doing, I love them! I'm forever grateful to have such a great trust and relationship with both of my mission presidents and their wives. He asked if I thought if going back to the valley would make a difference but I said no. He knows obedience means a lot to me and he appreciates that but he wants me to take care of myself. (Meaning resting when he tells me to is not being disobedient) He really gets it. He shared with me how he just kept working and working when he had mono and his body ended up shutting down and was down for a week so he made me promise if I ever started feeling like a 6 or less on a scale of 1 to 10 I would go lay down for an hour. I've felt frustrated because when I'm feeling fine I start to think I'm just making it up- and when I'm tired it's hard to differentiate what's me tired as a missionary and what's the virus because it's not like a cold where you know "this is a cold" take some medicine, rest and you'll be fine. I think "I'm tired" cool- other people are tired. Keep going. So I'm learning how to read my body because sometimes I can't just keep going. But I think I'm doing just fine and I'm on the mend:) The Lord is definitely watching over me and like I mentioned from the blessing I got there are lessons I need to learn and I'm sure will continue to learn the rest of my life from this virus. 
On a different note I asked President what the chances were of me training my last transfer and he said "Do you want to?" And I said I did and he said "Well if you want to then good!" He had me on the list but knew I wasn't feeling so good so took me off but if I train I would be whitewashing which means I would be leaving Yuma to open an area in the valley. I didn't want to 6 week an area, let alone 6 week my last two areas but I feel excited when I think about training! I really do love Yuma and I would miss it if I left and I'm glad I had the opportunity to serve out of the valley but we'll see where Heavenly Father needs me. 
Thank you for your support mama, I LOVE YOU!!!! Drive safe! I'll talk with you soon😘

Love, your baby girl, Sister Eaton

PS. We went to Old Navy this morning and I bought a few shirts.. I hope that's okay. I'll share when I get home:) 

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