Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 31...Happy Halloween!!!

I need to tell you the important things but I'll be writing you all a
letter today to update you more on the week and such. Sister Batemon
is my new companion and she's been in the field less than a week now.
She's from Oklahoma and is the youngest of 6 (all brothers). You'll
never believe it but IM BACK IN DUBLIN HOUSE!!!! Yes I will have spent
10/13 transfers in this house, they may as well put the house in my
name. We're serving in two family wards: Appleby and Grove 2nd. I
already love them and know this is where I'm needed right now for
these next few weeks. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I will talk with you soon:)

Love, Sister Eaton

PS I'm feeling much better! All the prayers are working:)
PPS I lost my bag with my scriptures, 17 months worth of journal and
my photo album... PLEASE pray that someone finds it and that I'll get
it all back soon!
My last companion Sister Anderson!

My baby girl Sister Batemon!

Aydenn's Baptism! It was Saturday and 
bc I got transferred out I got 
to facetime in!

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