Sunday, August 7, 2016

AUGUST 1ST! - Transfers, Pedis and Staying Busy

Sounds like an exciting week full of family and fun and I GOT A NEW
NEPHEW!!!!! I love how much time you're able to spend with everyone,
especially this summer! Island Park is going to be a blast! I'm
excited for all of you! Okay and I just need to clarify.... Maren my
friend from high school is marrying Aaron Williams?? If so that's
crazy weird! Okay moving on. Transfers are this Wednesday which means
leadership calls are tonight and transfer calls are tomorrow. I have
not a clue what will happen but we'll soon find out! Thank you for
being my #1 fans, I love you both so much! I can't believe how fast
time flys! It's already August! I'm staying hydrated in the crazy
weather, enjoy your 100 degrees pops😉 Our member is takin us to get
pedis! Perks of serving in fancy wards. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!! Have the
BEST week every!!! But don't have too much fun without me and go down
the river once for me!

Love, Sister Eaton

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