Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 8 - Adjusted and loving Gilbert :)

I'm staying another transfer! This week has been great and passed too
quickly, I don't know where all the time goes! I loved hearing and
seeing pics from the Island Park trip! I'm also happy to hear gramps
and gram are doing well! I sure love them! It's about killing me not
being able to watch the olympics but sacrifices bring forth great
blessings, right?😉 As far as the weather it's still hotter than Hades
down here but the monsoons cool things off a bit and add humidity that
I don't know how to deal with but they're amazing! We do have some
wonderful people we're teaching but not quite as many as YSA where I
came from which is okay and I knew it would be that way. I've adjusted
nicely to my new area here in Gilbert- a stranger paid for our
groceries today while we were checking out and we got a free car wash!
But it really is a great area and I'm loving every minute! I need to
stop blinking because every time I do another week has passed! Each
week we try to get 20 teaching opportunities, including members
taught, and this week we got 21 which is a huge achievement! I'm
excited for this new transfer and I love you both so much!!! I'll talk
with you soon❤️

Love, Sister Eaton

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