Sunday, August 7, 2016

4th of July - STL and Kate's Baptism

To answer your question pops we have a car so that we can do
exchanges. We are over 11 companionships so we'll be doing exchanges a
couple times each week... Crazy! That's fun you had the elders over
for dinner:) It was also fun to eat with the Sharps last night! You
saw on FB I was able to go to my investigator Kate's baptism. She's
incredibly sweet and it was wonderful to be back for a night in YSA.
It's very difficult to leave an area because you love them so much but
change is good. We went on our first exchange this week and it went
great! This week we'll go on a couple more and then we'll have MLC and
and zone meeting. It's going to be over before I know it! July is good
as over and I can't believe how quickly time passes. SISTER CLEMENS IS
PREGNANT!!! She's due Jan. 3 That's good to hear Eli's home safe and
Austin gets home on the 6th! I can't believe it! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO
MUCH!!! I wish I had more time to write Whit and Cal but my time
evaporates these days but send them my love if I don't get a letter
written in time, por favor!

Love, Sister Eaton


Kate's Baptism!

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