Sunday, April 24, 2016

March 28 - Lots of changes coming!

This week was pretty rough because one of the sisters we live with
went home because of her shoulder and I was super close with her. I
hate saying good bye but hopefully they can get her shoulder better
and she can come back. That's my dying wish is to be her companion if
she comes back before I go home! I'm grateful I was to send a text for
mothers conference, too! President has the biggest heart and I'm not
talking physically. It's going to be hard to let them go but I know
they can't stay forever. I'm not sure what will happen with transfers
but whatever it is I know it's what needs to happen. I love how much
time you spend with the fam! That's one things that's different with
YSA is not having the family unit but family wards just spoil you so
it's been good for me I'm sure haha. So Bailey turns 11 next week??
And the Bubs turn 9 in May and Benson 13 in June??? I can't believe
how old and big everyone is getting! Benson will be a teenager! Also
when is grandmas birthday cause I know grandpas is apr. 3. Is there
anything I can do for you? Any prayers or anything? I get to go to the
temple next week! I miss going to the temple every week! That'll
definitely be something I do when I get back. How are both of you
doing? How's the family doing? How's work going? Cal sent me Grants
talk he gave about hard work and both of you are great examples of
that! That seems to be a lost trade these days for the younger
generation (aka my generation) but I'm lucky to have such great
examples of it in my life! Al is doing great! She's serving in
Nuneaton still with her comp from Zimbabwe. They can't ride the train
cause of the bombings in Belgium. Crazyness over there! Sister Hansens
was pretty shaken up cause she lives in England but is from Belgium so
that's where her family is. Vicky works at the U of U now. Eli gets
home July 1st I think and Austin gets home in August pretty sure. I
love you both so much! Enjoy conference this weekend!
Love, Sister Eaton

Last house pic together

Happy Easter!!

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