Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 4 - General Conference Brings Miracles!

I don't even know where to begin! To start off with... I'm staying in YSA another transfer!!! I'm pretty sure I was called to the Chandler Arizona mission however I'm sure this is where the Lord needs me right now. When this transfer ends I will have been in the same house a whole year!
So on Tuesday we had district meeting and and more than the excitement that comes from seeing other missionaries district meeting is like a reset on missionary work where you can evaluate your previous week and how you can improve. Afterwards we go to FMSC to package food for children all over the world. [I'm sorry if this sounds familiar.... We do do this every week and that's the beauty of being a missionary haha] Then we were able to eat dinner with the Sharps! It was so great to see them after such a long time. Everyone's grown up and adulting. [Adulting: verb. To do things adults do such as work and go to college.] In the evening we were able to go to the Mesa temple to do baptisms for the dead with our recent convert for the first time! It's truly amazing to see just how much the gospel can change an individual's life! The gospel of Jesus Christ provides purpose and peace to our lives. We were able to FaceTime our other recent convert when we got back from the temple which was a miracle! We haven't been able to set something up for the past couple months since she was baptized because she's incredibly busy!
Thursday was transfers and we got a couple new sisters in DuH! [Dublin House] One of my favorite parts of my mission is getting to know all the new people you meet! This week we were able to have a lesson with Xavier for the first time since his baptism! He totally went to UT this weekend to watch general conference with some friends from the ward and was able to do baptisms for the dead for the first time in the Salt Lake temple! This week we were also able to finish up the new member lessons with Andreas and Aaron! My testimony is strengthened just by  hearing the testimonies of those we teach- member and nonmember.
This week we received a referral for a guy named Mitchel and I can't say enough good about him! He flagged down some elders because of some questions he had and they referred him to us because he's YSA so we went and stopped by were able to answer some of his questions and invited him to watch conference with us at the church. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon session and Mitchel totally came! We had members there to watch with us and when it was over we asked him if he had any questions. This was his response, "I did but the video answered most of them." Whaaaaat?? The spirit was so strong as the members and Sister Mylroie and I were able to answer the rest of his questions. He coming to FHE tonight and he's just the coolest! The other sessions of conference we watched at the ASU institute with our recent convert Troy. As far as highlights from general conference there's too many to tell but I'll leave you with a quote from Elder Holland that I loved.
"You can have what you want or you can have something better"
We make choices every day that either bring us closer to Heavenly Father or further from Him. I've found when we look at decisions with an eternal perspective we are able to see more clearly the path Heavenly Father has intended for us to follow. It may not always be the one we want or even the one we think we should choose I know when we choose the Lord's way there's always something better. I love you all and I'm grateful for each and everyone of you!
Love, Sister Eaton

Our honorary district from last transfer

Elder Grigsby and I were hard core matchin so naturally we had to take a pic

We got to go to the temple with Troy! (He's in the middle)

Sister Mylorie and I

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