Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 11 - Blessings of the Temple

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS!!! I died laughing at your email especially when
you talked about getting Medicare and watching Lassie! I'm so lucky to
have parents as wonderful as you two!
I don't have too much to report on this week. We did get to go to the
temple which was amazing! When we walked in the temple President
almost walked past us but stopped and shared cool insight about
sharing the desires of our heart with the Lord any time we go to the
temple, read our scriptures, etc. so I thought, self, "What do I
desire to get out of the temple today?" My desire was to feel I was
making a difference. Not necessarily in missionary work but I wanted
to feel that Betsy, who's endowment I was performing, accepted or that
I could feel how much Grandma and Grandpa Cannon love me. I didn't get
that out of the temple but I always remember what dad and I talked
about when I first went through. You said you don't always know why we
do what we do in the temple but you go because of the peace you can
feel while you're there. Every time I go to the temple I go back to
that thought- I've never received an answer while I was in the temple
but I do know when I go I can feel peace. I'm grateful for your great
examples of going to the temple every week and being faithful even
when times get hard. I love you both so much! Have a great week:)

Love, Sister Eaton (your baby girl)

Sister Mylorie and I at the Mesa Temple

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