Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 18 - Golden referral, MCC and CGCC

It has been non stop this week!!! We are being referred people to
teach right and left, the Lord is truly blessing this area! We have
three solid investigators we're working with: Morgan was referred to
us last week and some Elders passed her off to us. Her mom's LA and
they used to go when she was a little girl but decided to learn more
now that she's older and wants to be baptized. Andy was just referred
to us by the same elders and he grew up with a bunch of LDS friends
and decided to start reading the Book of Mormon and is set for baptism
on May 7!!! And then Mitchell is also super solid and referred himself
as well because he had some questions he wanted answered so he's on
date for his birthday July 24 but I think that'll move up for sure.
We had a lemonade stand on MCC (Mesa Community College) and this week
we're having one on CGCC (Chandler Gilbert) It was super successful
and missionaries haven't gone on campus for at least 2 years so it was
good for everyone to see us. I saw Alex who I served with in the RS
presidency up at BYUI!!! It's so crazy to see a familiar face on your
mission because you're so used to talking with new people all day.
This week we had zone conference with two other zones (San Tan and
Chandler East) and it's seriously so fun to see other missionaries! I
love hearing from President because he loves us so much. He felt the
need to talk to us about individual apostasy. There's so many evil
influences all around us that we have to be focused on the most
important thing... The gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't want him to
leave in July but like he said all of our missions will come to an end
and we must allow others to serve.
This week we were able to go with out recent convert to do baptisms
for the dead for his first time! It's such a blessing to see the
gospel bless and change individual's loves right in front of your
eyes. Xavier has such a strong support system not just from his
friends he's made in the ward but even from his family who aren't
members because you don't see that too often, especially in YSA. I
find recent converts are so eager to do missionary work! We were on
our way to the temple and we were talking about one of our
investigators that had some concerns about becoming a member and
Xavier wants to come and help because he gets it! He asked does that
count as missionary work? And we let him know that doing and temple
work is also missionary work!
I'm grateful to be a missionary and for all the wonderful people you
get to meet every week! I love you all and I pray for you every day!
Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Eaton

Sisters June and Michaely at Zone Conference

House Pic!

Found a horse! This is for you pops!

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