Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April 25 - Crazy WeEk!!

So if you asked us at the beginning of this week we had 4 people on
date for baptism: Morgan for April 30th, Andy for May 7th, Mitchell
for May 14th, and Edgar for May 21st.... We now have Andy for May
28th. I'm not quite sure what happened! Haha Morgan is struggling with
a strong drug addiction and no one is sure where she's at, Edgar is a
referral we can't contact, and Mitchell.... Here's what happened.
Earlier this week we were teaching him (the night we took the picture)
and the spirit was so strong and he asked if he could be baptized the
next day! Of course there were some things we still needed to teach
and a baptism to plan but we moved his date up from July 24th (his
birthday) to May 14th. We had another lesson planned for Saturday
afternoon but Saturday morning we got a call from him letting us know
he didn't believe it was true and he didn't want to waste our time. He
said he did some no bias research (that normally means he came across
some anti material😭) but that he doesn't want to be classified as one
religion. Ive seen all of these concerns and more in people I've
taught throughout my mission but normally you see it coming- the drop
talk/text/avoidance all together BUT I've relearned a valuable lesson
this week! Heavenly Father ALWAYS has a plan! That's probably the most
difficult part of it all is being submissive and patient but
continuing in faith. I read a talk this week that President Monson
gave in the 1999 Oct. general conference titled Becoming Our Best
Selves. The main idea is "When we [trust in the Lord], we will come to
realize that we have been on His holy errand, that His divine purposes
have been fulfilled, and that we have shared in that fulfillment." I
love it so much! I highly recommend it😉 I'm so grateful for your
wonderful examples! I seriously have the BEST parents!
Lots of exciting adventures coming up! Some things just blow my mind
like Mykelti getting married next weekend.... To answer some of your
questions: I LOVE HIKING HERE!!!! They only let us hike from Oct-June
because it gets waaaay too hot! It's already reaching 100 most days
but I find I get chilly sometimes at 90. Oh boy. As far as pdays it
depends if it's a personal (we spend it with our house) district or
zone pday. Probably my favorite activity to do with other missionaries
is sports or hiking. The next transfers are May 12th and I seriously
don't have a clue if I'll be staying or leaving. My guess is I'll
leave but I also thought that would happen last time. I'll be in this
house my whole mission (ONE year!) 

Love, Sister Eaton

So the guy on the right is Mitchell and we have been teaching him as of Saturday! Then Xavier (Convert of 1 month), Ty and my cute companion!

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