Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 15 - Invests to church, Kate's baptism, monsoon season, exchanges and twins!

Kate's Baptism!!!


Yesterday Roseanna came to church with her 3 children! I love them so much! I have a new
best friend, Evelyn,  who doesn't go anywhere without holding my hand.

Our exchange with Sister Lungu and Pennington! Fun story: so I trained Sister Berezay
who is not in the picture, who trained sister Lungu (to my left) and she is now training
Sister Pennington (to my right). And my cute companion of course! So fun!

It's monsoon season!! Which means everything floods for a few days after it pours buckets.
We decided to bike for the day... not our brightest idea seeing how rain doesn't come 
without humidity.

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