Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 13 - Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I LOVE my mission!!! And I can't wait until you get to come and visit
my mission as well but it'll be much easier to visit the places I
served... Chandler, Chandler, did I mention Chandler?😉 Sounds like
you've gotten to live the mission schedule! Up at 6:30 and bed by
10:30... 10 if you're lucky! Trying to stay caught up on the journal
and eating dinner with members that you love and they love you! You
can literally feel your heart grow to love to a whole new capacity.
It's hard to explain until you experience it yourself, which you have!
It's difficult to put into words but you leave apart of yourself in
your mission. I'm so grateful for the support you and dad have shown
me because it's a different ball game without a fam that's cheering
you on. I'll definitely have some energy enzymes! Can't say no if it
says energy. Also would you be able to send more mints por favor? Can
you just send it to the mission home? Transfers are next Wednesday the
22 so I'm not sure where I'll be. Also President and Sister Toone's
welcome home is July 17! Will you be able to go?? I sure hope so! I
love you mom! I'll talk to you next week!

Love, your baby girl, Sister Eaton

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