Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May 16 - I'M STAYING in YSA!!!

I'M STAYING!!!! I'm still in YSA... In the same house... Haha! It'll be 6 months here in YSA after this transfer and over year in the house! Sister Mylroie and I will be spending a 3rd transfer together which is the longest for both of us! We're excited for this transfer! 

It's been a week of finding but it's amazing how you look back and all you see is the good! We're working with a few people right now. Andy is on date for May 28 and is an assistant coach at MCC (Mesa Community College) but has been at Nationals in TX for the past couple week. He's super solid and has grown up with lots of LDS friends so most everything is a review for him. It's amazing to see what strong testimonies people have so quickly. We're working with Morgan and she will be going to a rehab in about a month for about a year but she's incredible! She wants to continue having lessons until she leaves and really wants to be baptized but I'm not sure the protocol on this situation. I would only do it if we could guarantee she could take the sacrament each week but we'll see what happens! She came to church yesterday (her first time in the YSA ward!) and was participating in gospel principles! And then Mitchell we taught about a month ago and he dropped us but we got a text from him this week asking if we were still in Chandler and if we could meet up. Im blown away that I've been in my areas for so long but I know Heavenly Father always has a plan. So we met up with Mitchell and were able to help him with a couple of his concerns and he came to church yesterday as well! The ward is amazing and most are RMs and are great at helping out when they can. It does break my heart to see too many RMs that have fallin away sense serving in YSA so for all RMs: It's in the little things. IF you 1. Read your scriptures 2. Pray 3. Come to church 4. Go to the temple often (that's different for everyone) THEN you will never fall away. EVER! You may stray a little but if you're doing all those things it's not possible to fall away! It is so important to Heavenly Father to not lose any of his children, He loves you too much. So if not for yourself then do it for Him. 

This is President and Sister Toone's last transfer with us. They are incredible and have learned so much from them. I know that President and Sister Christensen are excited to join us and we've already began praying for them. I'm so grateful for their service and I know just like Elder Holland said "It's always love multiplied, never love divided." I love you all and I'm praying for you! 

Love, Sister Eaton

"We're still together!"

Tempe YSA Zone

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