Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 2 - Elder Holland Came to our Mission!!

It's fun and crazy to hear all that goes on back at home! Mykelti
looked beautiful!!! Her and Dreasen are the cutest but it's weird
because I've never met him... I guess that life. Where was her
reception held? I had no idea that Kayla was still struggling with her
eating disorder but it makes me so happy to see the family wrap their
arms around her because that's what she needs. It looks like the Woods
found out how great Riverton is and want to raise their fam there.
Looks like you have a exciting week or so ahead of ya! To answer your
question dad: you're right that it really just depends how long it
takes from start to finish before they're baptized but the requirement
is to be taught all 5 lessons (Restoration, gospel of Jesus Christ,
plan of salvation, Laws&Ordinances, and commandments) So it really
just depends how often they can meet, if they accept the invitation to
be baptized--> how well they're progressing, their church attendance,
etc. Just from my mission I would say it usually takes 1-2 transfers
(3ish months) for them to become converted and be baptized. Most of
the people I've met and baptized have been referrals otherwise it's
not too often to see he fruit of your labors. I hope that answers your
question but I may have just created more haha:) I'm excited to talk
to you all as well! It still seems surreal but this will be my last
call home before I come home... That's a crazy thought! Would 6 work
for y'all to FaceTime? It would be 5 for me. And as for the package
you can send it to Dublin house. Transfers aren until May 12th but I
should get it this week:) I couldn't really think of anything I wanted
you to send but maybe some mints would be nice. I'm sorry- I try not
to use my debit card but it's hard at the end of the month if I don't
have any money and I try to be thrifty. Anywho I LOVE YOU BOTH SO
MUCH!!! You're both incredible and I'm so grateful to have you as my
parents! I'm grateful for your trust in me as I've grown up and made
my own decisions. I've never realized what a blessing that was until I
came on a mission and there's quite a lot of rules and it's hard to to
feel a lack of trust and confidence when you're trying to do your
best. I know that's not the easiest way to parent because it's often
times painful to see your children make the wrong mistakes but I
imagine that how Heavenly Father feels with us all too often. But I'm
grateful to know you support me and love me- it truly does mean the
world to me!!! I will talk with you soon:)

Sister Eaton

We were able to go to the visitors center this week with Andy (white shirt on the left) to watch the Restoration film. He's going to be baptized May 28!

Elder Holland came and visited our mission on Tuesday! He is dead center and I'm back 2, 3 to the left in pink if you can see me in a sea of 180 missionaries. 
Elder Holland came and spoke to our mission on Tuesday!!! He's dead center and
I'm 2 back and 3 to the left in pink if you can spot me in a sea of 180

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