Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 7 - Investigators! :D

I can't even believe the week we've had! Last Friday we were at weekly
planning and afterwards we were so discouraged because we spent two
hours trying to plan for people that we couldn't even get in contact
with! But we continued to work our hardest and you wouldn't believe
this is the same ward! Our teaching pool has tripled and I know the
Lord is blessing the San Marcos ward. I realized I haven't told you
too much about who were working with so I'll give you a little
background. Luke was a referral and was raised Christian and actually
taught anti material growing up. As he's rubbed shoulders with some
Mormons he's noticed we aren't like he thought and that made him want
to learn more. He has a solid fellowship, he came to church yesterday,
and when he left he set a return appointment... What?! Then there's
Melissa. She is a rugby player and works at a law firm. She wants to
go into immigration because she's from El Salvador. She is the
sweetest little thing you would ever meet! This week we were able to
meet with her for the first time in THREE weeks and it was the best
lesson! We promised her if she came to church she would receive and
answer to her question but unfortunately practice ran long and she
couldn't make we'll keep trying! Xavier was also at church yesterday!
He plays basketball at CGCC (Chandler Gilbert Community College) and
is being taught by the Gilbert missionaries although he does live in
our ward boundaries. Some people like to refer to this as poaching but
to make a long story short he will be baptized in the Lexington ward
and then he'll be coming to our ward afterwards. But he's awesome and
we're excited for him! Our members are also beginning to do missionary
work! Two brought with them friends, Tabby and Roya. We got a text
from Roya this morning asking if we were free to meet up Wednesday
morning and asked if we would bring a Book of Mormon! It so amazing to
be apart of the Lord's work and my testimony is strengthened as I see
them gain a testimony for the first time. I know this church is true!
We are studying the atonement this month as a mission and this morning
we read from the Bible when Christ suffered for each one of us in the
garden of Gethsemane. He KNOWS how we feel and He suffered because He
loves us. I know He lives and I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus
Christ. I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Eaton

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