Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feb 29 - 9 MONTHS!!! Faith, Hope and Charity

I feel like I blinked and 9 months went by! I can't believe everything
that has happened this far on my mission. I can't imagine my life
without the challenges I've faced or the people I've met or the
happiness I've felt. AZ is my waters of Mormon and I love being a
missionary! It goes without saying you're exhausted every day or
people aren't very pleasant yet there is so much JOY! It's the small
moments that mean the most... when your investigator actually replies
to your message or the amount of love you feel for perfect strangers!
M. Russell Ballard said, "There is no greater joy in life than being
anxiously engaged in the service of the Lord."
We went to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) in Pheonix and it was
amazing to volunteer our time to pack food for children in the
Philippines. It was just like Vivint gives back but a whole foundation
for it! It was so fun! Yesterday we had Stake Conference and it was
amazing! Elder Tillman of the 70, several stake leaders, and sister
Toone spoke. There was a theme of hope. We mention faith, hope, and
charity yet there is no faith without hope and charity. Elder Tillman
quoted Winston Churchill saying "Success is going from one failure to
the another without losing enthusiasm." We must ware our lives out
with sharing the gospel. I'm not talking about serving full time
missions but everyday member missionary work. Missions are amazing but
so are serving and loving everyone around us. This is the whole reason
why we're here! I love you all and I pray for you!

Love, Sister Eaton

3 point shooting contest with my old WML

Happy 9 MONTHS!!!

Sister Hanses and I together since the beginning.

My companion and I

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