Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 18th-Elder Bednar and the Atonement

This week has been amazing. Hard, but amazing! I have a better
understanding of what role the atonement plays in my life and what it
means to me. Elder Bednar came and spoke to the YSA in my stake and
was able to speak boldly and lovingly. I have always known the
Savior's atonement cleanses us from sin but I forget too often that it
also strengthens us! To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy.
Salvation was not easy for Him, why would we think it would be easy
for us? His Apostolic witness filled the room with the spirit and
reminded me that Heavenly Father is mindful of me and loves me. In
relief society yesterday I was able to bear my testimony of how we are
breaking over and over again. We may feel forgotten, confused at why
we need to feel such a way, or how much longer we can go on feeling
that way. But that is exactly what the atonement is!!! To heal us! To
strengthen us! And it isn't until we are broken that Heavenly Father
can but us back together stronger than we were before. I'm grateful
that I have a father in heaven that loves me enough to teach me this
lesson. I'm grateful for my Savior and how real His atoning sacrifice
is to me. I'm grateful for trials. I know the very purpose of coming
to earth is to be tested and through the choices we make return back
to our loving Heavenly Father. I am far from perfection but I know the
Lord will strengthen me only when I keep my covenants and trust in
Him. One last note from Elder Bednar is that at baptism we promised to
take the name of Christ upon us. Every decision after that is not ours
to make because we already covenanted to follow Christ. Of course we
still have our agency, God will never take that from us, but now it is
our responsibility to do as Christ would. I promise that as we do this
we will be happier than we ever thought imaginable! I love you all and
pray for you each day!

Love, Sister Eaton

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