Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 11th-Finding YSA and the mission is such a blessing for life


I can't think of any other blessing/trail that can prepare you more
for marriage than a mission. You learn good work ethic, communication
skills, patience in setbacks, forgiveness with your companion... The
list goes on! More than everything it is so fun! It's like being in
college living with 6 sisters but we don't have to go to school or
work haha! You all seem to be doing well:) It's killin me not being
able to ski with all the good snow you've gotten this year! We haven't
had that in so many years! Were y'all able to make some good goals for
2016? It's funny you know me and my almost obsession with setting
goals... I didn't know what I wanted from 2016 and therefore my
mission. It was more frustrating than anything but during morning
studies it just came to me! The thing I want most from my mission is
to know my Savior. I thought a good way to do that is to read Jesus
the Christ. I'm grateful the Lord will always answer our prayers! At
times we may feel that He's let us go too far or make us wait to long
but it's in those times when we grow the most and then when we're
ready to listen to the answer He has for us He will let the truth be

Serving in YSA is different than a family ward in almost every way but
it's so cool because it's the same work! This week we found two new
investigators. I love being able to be the Lord's hands in helping
others learn about the restored gospel. You literally see people's
lives change as they choose to follow Jesus Christ. Our ward is so
huge and so we've been finding through our members because there's
about 400 but a little less than half come to church each week. It's
crazy because there have been so many people that I've met from
Riverton or have friends there. We had dinner with a member who served
with Fish (one of Whit's friends) in Reno, NV! We had the best
devotional that was for all YSA. Elder Nelson spoke on "Becoming True
Millennials". He covered 4 main points: 1- Learn who you truly are. 2-
Expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible. 3- Learn how to
access the power of heaven. 4- Follow the prophets. We are elect of
God's children because of our faithfulness and have come at this time
to prepare for Christ to come again. I love it so much and the full
talk is on! I love being a missionary with all my heart and I
love all of you!!! Thank you so much for your support and encouraging
words! Until next week!

Love, Sister Eaton

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