Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One down...17 to go!!! ;D

This was a crazy week! I've been a missionary for a month sense Saturday... crazy! Also another mile stone: I have a watch tan line for the first time in my life! On that note, we put Tyler on date for July 11!!! He's been coming to church sense he started scouts but his parents didn't want him to get baptized. Well.. he turned 18 last week so it's time! And a not so happy note two of our investigators dropped us. I was super bumbed but I knew Heavenly Father has a plan for both of them (they're friends) and in His time they will be ready. On our way home from teaching them we rode past this lady that looked/sounded like she was going to die because she was breathing so heavy and so we stopped and asked if she needed any water. We gave her what we had and asked if she needed anything else.. she said ice water. So we rode to a jack in the box to get 2 large ice waters and it was going to be $3 but the guy gave them to us for free! I don't know if he thought we looked like we needed to large free ice waters or what but he will be blessed for it! So after all this we're on our way back to the lady, who decided she could move again and walk to the jack in the box herself, and she said she didn't want them. Funny how life works sometimes.
Earlier this week I was reading in 2 Nephi 9 and it's crazy how quickly God answers my prayers! Just the day before I could not comprehend, for the life of me, how much Heavenly Father loves me that He would send His only Begotten son to die for me so that I can be saved. As I was reading I came across vs. 45-53 (the whole chapter is amazing!) and it was so plain to me when I read them! I know, without a doubt, that my Heavenly Father loves me. He loves all His children and He wants us to come unto Him. He loves us so much that it doesn't matter we aren't perfect. That is why His plan is perfect because of the Atonement. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ! I'm learning so much every single day, I love it out here! Thank you so much for all the love and support! 

Love, Sister Eaton

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