Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Week in the MTC!! :D

I can't believe I am in the MTC writing you! It seems so surreal but I have loved it so much! It's amazing how quickly the Lord teaches His missionaries. So much has happened and I don't even know what to say! So my comp. is from ENGLAND!!! It was just the best thing ever seeing how Al is going there soon! We get along great  and I love her so much even though our interests  aren't very similar. I seriously have the best zone but an even better district! The sisters in my district and I get along so well! It's been the greatest thing to room with such wonderful sisters! Besides my comp. there's Sister Derrick, Simpson, and Lassen. It amazed me how quickly you grow to love strangers when you have one purpose. So this week was what they called a "red letter" event. Which means you write the important events on your calendar in red when everything else is written in black. So the big new was that there were more sisters in the MTC than elders which has never happened before!!! We have played volleyball for gym two days this week and I love it so much! It's probably the only time that you can miss the ball and people are still telling you how great you are! I'll enjoy that while I can for the next 18 months. So we teach "investigators" which are really teachers acting as the investigators but the spirit is still so strong in the lessons! They do not brake character at all and my comp. and I treat it as if they are a real investigator. [Side note: Because my comp. is a international missionary she had the opportunity to go downtown and do a session at the SL temple and visit the conference center, tabernacle, and the statue of Christ. So I had a temporary companion Sister Simpson and she is the sweetest!] So Sis. Simpson and I were teaching Kirstie and and it was amazing how the spirit works and Kirstie was understanding the restoration. We invited her to read the BOM and to be baptized both of which she agreed to do! It was amazing to have an idea both of what happens in the field but also the happiness you get from doing the Lord's work! I'm grateful that I have this opportunity to give myself 100% to the Lord for the next 18 months. I love you so much and I'm so grateful for all the support I've received so far! We went for a temple walk yesterday and I dropped my camera... so it's temporarily out of business but I'll see if I can get a hold of some pictures and send them your way! Love you all!!!

Love, Sister Eaton

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